Official MMA KIT “Lightning” Fir kids
Official MMA KIT “Lightning” Fir kids

Official MMA KIT “Lightning” Fir kids

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MMA Gloves

Made of high quality synthetic leather with inside cotton material lining, stitched lucidly with high quality durable threads , with black piping for reinforcement, special design fits well with hands and firm grip around fingers . to prevent accidental eye pokes. Increased padding in the amateur gloves compared to the typical professional model lowers incidence of lacerations IMMAF Approved.


Shin Guards

Grappling style Hybrid Shinguards with neoprene backing have been adopted for IMMAF rather than Muay Thai style to prevent them from coming off during tussles on the ground. Changes in design have included in the material, from an embossed plastic and fabric combination to full neoprene IMMAF Approved.


Rash Guard and Shorts

The Rash guard and Shorts is Made of Top Quality Laycra elasticated material, with elegant Simulated AuthenticGreen Hill Design, , IMMAF Approved.